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Be the leader of the Real estate Industry.

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Be the leader of the Real estate Industry.

Leads360 provides a comprehensive real estate lead generating platform that helps you reach your business goals. With our efficient and proprietary lead generation system, we help connect you with some of the highest converting leads of the real estate industry.

Our dynamic real estate lead generation system is optimized to streamline your business, thus resulting in long term satisfaction for you and leading your real estate business to success.

With years of experience, we have gain expertise to run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Telemarketing and other Affiliate Marketing Programs so that you get highly qualified leads every time you ask for. We are very passionate about breaking all records in the lead generating sector.

How Leads360 resolves the Lead Generation Process for you?

Before diving into the lead generation process, you need to understand what is lead generation for real estate.

Lead Generation is a process of attracting a prospect and converting them into someone who is interested in your products and services. For a real estate business, it would be someone who is interested in renting or buying houses.

We follow a two-way strategy to make leads that work for you. One is Inbound Marketing, the other is Outbound Marketing. In inbound marketing, we employee digital marketing services such as Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and many other online promoting methods. Whereas in outbound marketing, we start with prior knowledge of your target audience. You can call it traditional marketing. It includes Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Telemarketing, and Event Marketing.

With these two methods, we first promote awareness among the prospects, then we evaluate them and finally we convert them to leads.

Great Leads Great Deals

Leads360 offers 3 different types of lead packages for real estate to choose from.

You buy them, you owe them

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Pricing Packages

Rs 700 1 Lead
  • Leads can be Share to Three People.
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Pricing Packages

Rs 1,200 1 Exclusive Leads
  • The Lead is Only Yours.
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